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�If women gather around the jachcha she becomes nervous. They also force us to give injections. These days everybody is in a hurry. Then we tell them very affectionately that we have delivered so many babies by giving hot drinks of ghee and milk.� (Tara, Delhi)

�In early labor injections can be dangerous, the womb can tear.� (Paana, Rajasthan)

What is called sui-goli (injections and tablets) medicine is rapidly replacing traditional practices in even the most remote parts of the country. The negative impact of pharmaceutical marketing and misuse in poor and rural areas cannot be overstated. We might speak, not only of the medicalisation of rural India, but its pharmaceuticalisation. The �irrational� and harmful use of injections and tablets is a huge problem in both poor urban and rural areas. In many localities government medical facilities and practitioners do not exist. Chemist shops, however, do�and untrained people purchase and utilise pharmaceuticals. Families of laboring women increasingly tell the dai to �quickly deliver the baby�, pressuring them to resort to injections. Families want to use what they understand to be �modern� methods of childbirth. Experienced dais resist this pressure, but also report that weak and malnourished women have little strength to push out the baby on their own.
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