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Yoni in Nature

Harrapan Seal from the Indus Valley Civilization

In the Markandeya Purana, the Goddess states
Next O Ye gods,
I shall support the whole world with the life sustaining vegetables
which shall grow out of my own body during a period of heavy rain.
I shall gain fame on earth then as Sakambhari.

Tantric representation of yoni in form of unusual coconut.
Yoni is sometimes worshipped in the form of a cleft in a tree.
A kund or spring (where water emerges from the earth, not fed by a stream) has also been considered sacred. This is Gauri Kund in Gangotri, Uttaranchal.
A mountain temple where a sacred tank or well has been constructed. Often sacred places are located in or near water sources.
In some areas, particularly Rajasthan, Kua Puja (Well Worship) is performed a certain number of days postpartum. The well is analogous to the watery womb.
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