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Did you know about the use of the squatting position at the time of birth?

Many midwives and mothers recognize squatting at the time of birth as having many advantages.
  • Gravity works for, not against as in the lithotomy position where the mother is literally pushing the baby UP against gravity, the expulsion of the baby.
  • The pelvic outlet is at its widest in the squatting position, allowing the baby�s bony structures to move through the mothers pelvic bones, many times avoiding CPD or ephalo-pelvic disproportion.
  • Women are often supported by attendants offering both physical support and affectionate touch, encouraging the mother in her pushing efforts.
Two public health doctors in India have researched the effectiveness of this method of birthing and published their findings in this little book.

Did you know that birth bricks were used by Egyptian Queens and have been found at archeological sites?

and one dai showed us the position in a workshop.

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